Forecast of Events

Feb 29 – 1 Mar: FBS maint
7th -8th: Yacht familiarisation and training
14th – 15th: Warsash Spring Series
21st – 22nd: FBS maint
27th: Naming ceremony
28th – 29th: Training

4th – 5th: Warsash Spring series
10th – 12th: RORC Easter Challenge
18th – 19th: Warsash Spring series
25th – 26th: Offshore symposium

8th – 10th: RORC Cervantes (Round Ireland Crew Training)
11th – 15th: Army Offshore Regatta
18th: Fujitsu Regatta
23rd – 25th: RORC Myth of Malham
30th – 5th June: Services Offshore Regatta (Our Priority!)

6th – 7th: RORC De Guingand Bowl
13th – 17th: Delivery to Ireland
20th – 25th: Volvo Round Ireland
26th – 28th: Delivery to Gosport

4th – 5th: Mid Season Maint
8th – 10th: RORC Morgan Cup (delivers to Ireland)
11th – 19th: Cork Week
20th – 23rd: Delivery to Gosport

1st – 2nd: RORC Channel race
4th: Fujitsu Regatta
16th – 18th: RORC Ouessant Race
19th – 21st: Delivery to Gosport

4th – 6th: RORC Cherbourg race
16th: Fujitsu Regatta
19th: Crew social
26th – 30th: Rolex Middle Sea Race (TBC!)

Jan 2021:
9th – 30th: RORC Transatlantic race (TBC!)

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