About the ASA Cruising Division

The ASA Cruising Division is formed around yachts belonging to the Regimental and Corps Yacht Clubs and the privately owned yachts of ASA members.  The Division undertakes Solent, South Coast and cross Channel Rallies throughout the season.  Although mainly South coast based there have been ASA Rallies in the Scilly Isles, Scottish waters, the East Coast and in the Mediterranean.

All ASA members as well as families and friends are welcome to attend and many of the Service Yachts offer discounted rates* if attending an ASA rally.

The rallies offer the chance to sail in company whether this is to gain confidence for less experienced skippers or for the companionship and perhaps the challenge of sailing within a fleet (after all two yachts going the same way are always racing).

Once in a snug anchorage or secured alongside in a marina there are pontoon parties or “safari” suppers to enjoy with like minded people.

For those with a competitive spirit there is also the Cruising Class in the ASA Offshore Regatta to take part in.

For more information, please contact the Rear Commodore Cruising or the AOSC Manager.  Our planned Rallies and other events are available below and suggestions are always welcome for more.  Rally Hosts to organise individual events are also encouraged.

*discount is at the discretion of individual service yacht providers

Safety Note and Disclaimer.

  • as always, the weather will have a vote on the on the planned destination.
  • the final decision to sail always rests with the skipper of each yacht.
  • yachts should carry the relevant safety equipment for the waters in which she sails, and this is the responsibility of the skipper and owner. Advice can be sought from the RNLI.