ASA Marina Moorings

The ASA has 25 walk ashore pontoon moorings in Dolphin Pool, Fort Blockhouse which are located next to the AOSC.  The moorings are sub-let from RNSA on an annual basis and are constrained by vessel type, size and draft*.

ASA Members who are eligible** may apply for a mooring at any time and those wishing to be considered are asked to please complete in full the attached form ASA Mooring Application Form and return to the Moorings Secretary at (to be sure of consideration for a berth allocated for the following year applications must be received by the 30th of September).

The Moorings Committee meets annually in early October to review mooring arrangements and consider new applications.  Once allocated a mooring the berth holder will keep their mooring unless they decide to give it up or are asked by the Committee to vacate it for a higher priority vessel.

All new applications will be allocated a priority and will be held on a waiting list until a berth becomes vacant or until the yacht owner requests to be taken off the waiting list.

If an application for a berth in Dolphin Pool is unsuccessful, applications may be made to RNSA for a mooring on their estate.

Note: For day-to-day mooring queries or short-term mooring enquiries please contact the AOSC Manager.

* Vessels should be sailing yachts designed for offshore sailing and be between 23 and 40 ft.

** Eligibility criteria is covered within the ASA Marina T&Cs.

ASA Marina Standing Orders
ASA Marina Mooring Application
Fort Blockhouse SUTM 02/20